Qing Su

A Message from the Chairman

In the summer of 2016, shortly after the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan, Professor Zhigang Su of the Beijing Film Academy led 12 teachers and students to Japan to visit Kyushu in 12 days and shoot a large number of videos and photos. When they returned, the works were showcased in an offline visual media festival. These works showed the world a raw look at the local culture of Kyushu Island and life on the island post-disaster. This was the inspiration for our MEIHODO International Youth Visual Media Festival. 

After two years of preparation, we were very honored to co-sponsor and establish MEIHODO International Youth Visual Media Festival with Beijing Film Academy in 2018, aiming to encourage originality and support young people. The event was soon joined and supported by Emmy winner Ms. Yue-Sai Kan and Japanese Oscar Award winner Mr. Yojiro Takita. The enthusiasm of teachers and students from major film and television universities lead to unexpected success. 

The second festival in 2019 saw the arrival of Oscar winner, Dun Tan, President of Bard Music Academy, and Japan’s RKB TV station. It also attracted more young contestants from Japan and the United States, increasing its internationalization and popularity.

As the chairman of this Festival, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to those famous people who are enthusiastic in public welfare and support the development of young photographers, teachers and students of participating colleges and universities in various countries, as well as our collaborators!

In 2020, we are facing a pandemic. We believe that this is the perfect time for visual media to showcase its full potential to change the world and create a new future! This year, we still have the support of Ms. Yue-Sai Kan, Mr. Dun Tan, Ms. Lan Huang, and Tencent Video Entertainment. We are determined to hold the festival and try our best to make it bigger and better than the previous ones!

The third MEIHODO International Youth Visual Media Festival will be expanded to a broader field in terms of works collected.

In this festival, we cooperate with the Tencent Video Entertainment and Information channel to launch a themed visual media exhibition entitled “We are in this together – Life in COVID-19 Though a Lens.” 

All persons are welcome, regardless of age, nationality or religion.

I hope that people around the world participate in this event with their visual media works and share the experience of countering the pandemic.

Image is power, youth is future!

The 3rd MEIHODO International Youth Visual Media Festival Chairman of Jury
Chairman of Committee
Qing Su Profile

Su is a Chinese entrepreneur in Japan, an artwork collector, a producer, and CEO of MEIHODO Co., Ltd. Since moving to Japan in 1991, Su has dedicated his life to creating independent businesses whether they were in renewable energy, traveling, restaurants, or media. In recent years, he established MEIHODO Co., Ltd. in order to focus more on Asian cultural communication.